Monday, June 20, 2011


In addition to Ava's pink eye she now might have a possible ear infection...she was up for an hour and a half screaming last night non stop. Did all I could do and nothing helped. On a normal night this wouldn't have been hard for me to handle, however, I have tonsillitis, with fever, chills, headaches, and severe sore throat. So imagine having to try and listen to her scream when you're not feeling so hot yourself! Finally I couldn't take it and had to get Mike up, he went, calmed her, fed her, and just like that she went to bed! Can you say ridiculous! I should have gotten him up and hour earlier! Luckily she stayed asleep and I was able to get some sleep as well. I am so thankful that Mike has stepped up to play mommy and daddy this weekend with me being sick, I know it hasn't been easy but he's knocking it out of the park =)

Today is my birthday, and we have this big cookout planned. But my throat hurts so bad I probably wont get to enjoy any of the food =( I'll be surrounded by friends though and thats good enough for me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been awhile.

Well, seems to me I am way over due for an entry. Truth be told I always liked the idea of blogs and thought journals but never stuck to them! A lot has gone on since now and then.

Where to start. My gram passed this year, shortly after Christmas after a long brave battle with cancer (the second time around). This was a deep cut to my very being and everything I am. I can't say that my gram and I were always close, I was a rotten teenager when she kindly and lovingly took me in and raised me. However, I always admired her. She was a passionate and outgoing person with an infinity for learning and adventure. She was my role model. I was happy that she got to spend time with her great granddaughter (Ava) on Christmas before she passed. Ava took to her like no other, all kids do, my gram has that vibe about her. It breaks my heart that Ava wont get to know her better. I am to make my gram proud every day which brings me to my next milestone.

I am finally going back to school! I have waited for this moment for so long. I'm following in my grams footsteps and looking to major in Early childhood education as well as teaching special needs children.

Moving on to the last milestone for now. Ava is going to be 1 next month...1 freaking years old, I can hardly believe it! I often look back at my difficult pregnancy and think God put me through that just so I could appreciate this amazing little blessing every day. Just some quick updates on Ava: she is eating table food and loving it, she can stand and cruise, crawl everywhere, say "dada" "mama" "nana" and other indecipherable babble., she is a camera ham, and currently has pink eye =( boo

So thats just a bit to catch everyone up. Sadly, I hear some babbling right now from a little girl who should be sleeping! Until next time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ava and the sippy cup

The past month, Ava has grown so much. She can sit on her own for long periods of times. She is eating baby food. Sleeping through the night. Trying to eat by herself with a spoon, and so much more. Today, I sat her on the floor with a sippy cup (which she hasn't figured out yet) and this is what she did. =) So precious.3WQaa