Monday, June 20, 2011


In addition to Ava's pink eye she now might have a possible ear infection...she was up for an hour and a half screaming last night non stop. Did all I could do and nothing helped. On a normal night this wouldn't have been hard for me to handle, however, I have tonsillitis, with fever, chills, headaches, and severe sore throat. So imagine having to try and listen to her scream when you're not feeling so hot yourself! Finally I couldn't take it and had to get Mike up, he went, calmed her, fed her, and just like that she went to bed! Can you say ridiculous! I should have gotten him up and hour earlier! Luckily she stayed asleep and I was able to get some sleep as well. I am so thankful that Mike has stepped up to play mommy and daddy this weekend with me being sick, I know it hasn't been easy but he's knocking it out of the park =)

Today is my birthday, and we have this big cookout planned. But my throat hurts so bad I probably wont get to enjoy any of the food =( I'll be surrounded by friends though and thats good enough for me!