Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring it 2013

Here we are, another new year where people will swear to change habits and usually don't and make some excuse about why they couldn't. I never could make new years resolutions like: "I'll lose all this weight this year. I'll eat better. I wont go on sporadic shopping sprees." Truthfully, I think it only sets us up for failure. Instead of focusing on how fast we get result from our resolutions, how about we focus on how its making us feel every day that we succeed. Maybe more people would follow through if they weren't already disappointed in two weeks when they couldn't see the effect of the changes they are trying to make. Everything takes time, and unfortunately, we are an impatient society.

So, for my new year, I won't set hard goals for myself, but instead a broad spectrum of things that will make me the person I want to be and be known for.

This year, I want to:
                      Love deeper
                                Learn more
                                       Laugh harder
                                                  Be happier
                                                       Make healthier choices.
                                                                   And live life  a little more fully.

 All of these tie together, they make life more vibrant and easy to appreciate. I wish everyone to find happiness in the new year. If you're going to make a promise to change anything, look in the mirror and ask if you are the person you want to be. I'm not talking about you weight, hair color, or whether your teeth are white enough. I'm saying, in fifty years from now, when you look back, how will you be remembered? What will stand out to the people who know and love you?

I know how I want to be remembered...and  intend on making the steps towards that day by day this year. I hope its a wild and exciting journey because I want to look back and say "I have no regrets, no what ifs, and no I should haves." Its ok to stumble, but never give up on yourself. Happy New Years!